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The forces of Chaos will not rest until Vigilus, a lynchpin to the Rift, is theirs once and for all. The importance of Vigilus as a lynchpin and its vast deposits of Black Stone have not gone unnoticed by Xenos…the unbridled fury of the psychic screams of the Genestealer Cults have now drawn the Hive Fleets as well...the Imperium prepares and waits...the return of Chaos

Mythicos Studios will be running a 3-month in-store campaign based on Vigilus. Terrain Boards will consist primarily of deserts and hive cities resembling Vigilus. All missions will be played from Chapter Approved 2018 (both EW & Maelstrom). Armies must be 2,000 points, maximum of 3 detachments and battle forged (no painting requirement but please try to be What You See Is What You Get). This league will start June 1st and end August 31st. You are not locked to one list during the league, as long as you stay to your faction. Weekly missions will be posted every Monday on the Mythicos Studios Facebook page. This is a free event for all Mythicos Studios members. It is $10 for non-members, which can go towards your new membership!

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Staff Challenge!