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9/7/19 Warhammer 40k Mega-Battle

Prepare for total chaos in another Mythicos Studios 40k Mega-Battle! This time we are cranking up the heat. Bring 2,500 points of any legal army you want! The rule of three still applies,

What makes this event even better? IT’S 100% FREE FOR EVERYONE!

Doors open at 10am, the fun begins at 12pm sharp!

Prize Support

  • Winning team: $10

  • MVP each team: $20


  • There will be three objectives randomly placed on the table.

  • One point will be given fro each objective held per turn.

    • Automatic Anti-Air gun battery

      • Only Infantry models can capture.

      • The AAA gun battery is a BS 3, Heavy 4, S8, AP -3 weapon, it also has plus one to hit flyers and can not fire at non-flyer units.

    • Saint Celestine’s temple

      • Only infantry models can capture

      • Any infantry model inside the temple (regardless of who controls the temple) will receive a 6 plus feel no pain.

    • Servitor Work Station

      • Any model can capture

      • Vehicles and walkers inside this zone automatically gain 3d wounds back each turn they are inside the zone and have control of the Work Station.

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