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6/16/19 X-Wing Bash

Come join us durning the Mythicos X-Wing Bash! We’re playing form 5pm to 10pm! If you bring your Dad or are a Dad you can expect to enjoy an extra 5% off!!! And of course, this event is FREE for all Mythicos Members!

There will be multiple tables for people who wish to play a normal game of extended 2.0. And a big table full of people battling in our Escalation battle royal.


Instead of a normal match, players can enjoy an Escalation match, in which they control a series of increasingly dangerous ships. To play an Escalation match, players build a squad as described in the Quick Build section with a threat level of 4. During the End Phase, if a ship was destroyed during that round, its player chooses one or two pilots form their collection of Quick Build cards whose total threat is one higher than the destroyed ship’s threat. At the end of a round, if a player has destroyed enemy ships whose total threat is more than twice the match’s threat level, that player wins.

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