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6/23/19 The Battle For Aleusis


Aleusis is in need of reinforcement. Due to the proximity of the newly formed warp anomaly, Siren’s Storm, the planet has lost much of it’s long range scanning satellites. Recent short ranged scans show the approach of a Chaos fleet, which should be in striking distance within 5 days.

Our resources are taxed after the emergence of this Warp Storm. The riots caused by the psychic backlash caused those of lesser will to try and turn against the light of the Emperor. The PDF quelled the uprising and were stretched to the limit by the guerilla war put on by pop up cults. We are trying to replenish our ranks in the Aftermath, but we are severely under strength. We require any assistance from those within transmission range of this message.

We will hold as best we can, in the name of the Emperor.

Registration starts at 9am, and the Battle will begin at 10am!

Check out the Comp-Pac for more details!

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