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8/11/19 Star Wars Armada Convoy Mission

The Empire has captured several Rebel officers. A small Imperial fleet is transporting the POWs back to Coruscant.

Admiral Ackbar is leading a daring attack on the convoy in-order to rescue the officers. Intelligence has reviled the POWs are being held on an Imperial class assault carrier.

Rebels: The goal is to capture the Imperial Assault Carrier by having no imperial ships within 3in and a rebel ship within 3in to capture. Then the Rebels need to escort that ship to the closes board edge.

Empire: The Empire needs to protect the Assault Carrier from one board edge to the other. You can not allow the Rebels to get their ships close to the Carrier. The Rebels will have more fighters and bombers than us. But we will have stronger ships.

Choice either the Empire Fleet or the rescuing the Rebels in this exciting Mythicos Event.

We will be providing all of the models for this event. The battle will start at 12pm, and we will be playing till 3pm.

All participants will be given an extra 5% off on all Armada product!

And of course, this event is FREE to all Members!

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