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2019 Blood Under The Sun Bowl

Check in starts at 10am and kick off is at 11am sharp!

• All the current teams found in the GW Blood Bowl Almanac, and all Spike! Journals released two 2 weeks before the tournament.
• TV1200 plus 60-100K in skills depending on tier
• Cost: $10- Non-Mythicos Members
$0- Mythicos Members

What Each Coach Must Bring
• Your Team(Encouraged to be painted, not necessary)
• A Blood Bowl Board Pitch (custom to standard specs or from the board game itself), dugouts, dice and templates.
• Four printed copies of your team roster, Must be computer generated, you could use Little Army Designer- But it must be computer generated, with point totals and final totals. NO HANDWRITTEN LISTS.
• Good sportsmanship

Rules and Roster Creation
The documents that outline the rules for the Blood Under the Sun Bowl are the new BB2016 rules released by Games Workshop. These rules are encompassed by the following documents:
The rules in the Games Workshop box set (the Official Rules)
• Deathzone Seasons 1 and 2 and the 2018 and 2019 Almanac
• All Spike! Journals released 2 weeks before the tournament will be allowed, including star players and other inducements
• The following documents from
o Teams of Legend (ToL)
o The Errata (ERR)
o The FAQ (FAQ)
In addition, the following changes will be applied to the rule set:
• All 23 team rosters will be allowed
• All CRP/LRB6 star players will be allowed in addition to the ones that were released in the official documents for BB2016, Death Zone 1 and 2, the 2018 & 2019 Blood Bowl Almanacs and all Spike journals released by 2 weeks prior to the tournament. Golden Era stars are allowed.
• Special play cards will NOT be used
• The CRP wizards are not allowed. However, wizards from the Spike! Journals are allowed to be purchased as inducements. Horatio, the wizard infamous coach in Death Zone 2 is a valid addition to your roster as well and does count against your wizard count.
• The CRP Piling On rule will be applied; it does NOT require a team reroll to use
● The Illegal procedure rule IS being used! Remember to move your markers!!

Teams will be created with 1,200,000 gold coins to be spent on players (minimum 11) and permanent inducements.
Coaches have 1,200,000 gold crowns to build a team consisting of a minimum of 11 players. You may purchase fan factor, rerolls, assistant coaches, cheerleaders and/or an apothecary per each team’s usual rules. The following inducements may also be purchased at their standard price as permanent part of the team:
• Bloodweiser Kegs
• Wandering Apothecary
• Bribe
• Halfling Master Chef
• Star Players* - Halflings love these guys!
• Coaching Staff (from Death Zones and Spike! Journals)
▪ Igor
*Star players may be purchased as a permanent part of the team; however, a team must already have 11 players on your roster before doing so. If two teams playing each other purchase the same star player, they will both be able to use the star player. Grombrindall and the Black Gobbo are not allowed.

Bonus Skills
Once the team is created, coaches are given an additional skill package to spend on player skills. Normal skills cost 20k, doubles cost 30k. The money spent on skills is in addition to the roster budget. Restrictions on skills are:
• Coaches may not carry over roster budget to their skill purchases
• No stat upgrades are allowed
• No skill may be purchased more than four (4) times
• A single player can only be given two (2) skills
Skills are given out based on the tier of the team.
• Tier A: 100K Skills (Goblin, Halfling, Ogre)
• Tier B: 80K Skills (Chaos, Chaos Pact, Khemri, Nurgle, Underworld, Vampire), a maximum of one doubles skill can be applied
• Tier C: 60K Skills (Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Elf, High Elf, Human, Lizardman, Necromantic, Norse, Orc, Skaven, Undead, Wood Elf), no doubles skills may be applied

• Win: 100
• Tie: 50
• Loss: 10
• TD and Cas: 1 Point for each. Max 5.*
*When counting casualties, bombs, stab, chainsaw, and the crowd DO NOT count when they inflict Casualties, just like in league play.

Modeling Requirements
Any miniatures are allowed, however each of the models of a position must be easily identifiable as such (similar poses, features, etc.). Also, each model must look like it belongs on a Blood Bowl Pitch (i.e. No having Space Marines with bolters and swords). Each of the models must be numbered clearly. Coaches are also encouraged (not required) to have their models display identifiers for bonus skills bought. These could be rubber bands, stickers, flags or anything else creatively applied. Any questions can be emailed to

Tournament Format
The first round is determined by random pairings. Subsequent rounds will be Swiss pairings meaning that the two teams that will be playing each other will be of similar rankings. In the case that a coach would be paired with a coach they had already played against, the pairing will be broken up to face either up or down one rank to ensure this doesn’t happen. This will be a resurrection style tournament. Kills in one game will not carry over to the next. Additionally, if a Necromancer happens to raise the dead. Then that player does not carry to the next game as well. You will start each game with your original roster for each match.

Awards and Giveaways
There will be a number of awards that will be given out at Blood Under the Sun Bowl.
• 1st Place – Most tournament points
• 2nd Place – Second-most tournament points
• 3rd Place – Third-most tournament points
• Smokin’ Boots – Lowest points (team)

Sportsmanship is a big part of this tournament, as it should be with the entire game of Blood Bowl. While the players may be bashing each other to a pulp, coaches are expected to act with decorum, not throwing dice, and other generally deviant behaviors. Hygiene is important too. Please shower unless you yourself are a Nurgle. At the end of the match, you will be asked to rank your opponents by sportsmanship shown.
Also remember that fouling, while a despicable act and worthy of distaste of the highest order, is a part of the game – this is not an act of bad sportsmanship.

We’ll be opening for registration at 10am. Coaches need to be there as close as possible to that time so that we can start on time. Kick-off starts at 11am. If you arrive late, you forfeit the kick-off to your opponent and he starts the match with the ball. The matches will be limited to 2 hours and 30 minutes in length, no timed turns, but it is suggested that you should try to take between 4-5 minutes.

The schedule will run as follows:

1000- Store opens, check in begins!
1100-Round 1 Kick off begins!
1330-Round 1 ends, Lunch break!
1430-Round 2 Kick off begins!
1700-Round 2 ends!
1715-Round 3 begins!
1945-Round 3 ends!
2000-Winners announced!

Special Rules:
Each team is allowed to bring 1 special play ball to their matches. The rules for use are exactly the same as from the Almanac. They are used once, and at the end of the drive, they are gone. They can be used in your next game though.
A thing to also keep in mind, Blood Bowl is played on fields all over the globe! Being played in all types of weather, conditions, and places. To represent as such, some fields may have special rules used on them. The cards will affect the game during the whole match. These are not optional and must be used.
Any questions about models, lists, rules, or just general inquiries, can be emailed to