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Warhammer 40k Apocalypse Escaltion League

This fall we will be hosting a 40k Apocalypse escalation league!  Whether you’re dusting off your pile of shame or expanding your army, this is a great opportunity to join in on the fun that is 40k Apocalypse.

We will start September 2nd and go until November 24th.

Over the course of twelve weeks we’ll be running eight scenarios and slowly upping the power levels involved as you seek to destroy your opponents under a hail of plasma and ever increasing wanton destruction!  

And while the destruction of one’s enemies is all well and good, we will be focusing on the other aspects of our hobby as well.  The scoring mechanics will reward victory, but will also place a heavy weight on participation, fielding completed armies, and finding new friends to game with.

This event is not discountable
Check out the Comp-Pac for all the details!

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