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9/29/19 40k Narrative Event: Planetary Evacuation

After a successful uprising by a genestealer cult and the arrival of a tyranid hive fleet, the mining world of Eradonis VII has been overrun and is all but lost to the Xenos.  The call to evacuate has gone out, and across the planet, a fighting retreat has begun.
A small imperial force, isolated from their comrades by distance and waves of xenos, is preparing to evacuate a fortified outpost.  Where the Mechanicus have established an operating base, accompanied by a number of space marines, and recently reinforced by a deathwatch kill team.  

This is a narrative scenario, with all armies provided, and using 40k 8th edition narrative play rules.  There will be additional unique units and scenario-specific rules added to facilitate the narrative nature of this event.

Join us at 12pm for all the action!

The scenario will be played on a 4x12 board.  At one end is the imperial outpost, built around an abandoned mining settlement, and surrounded by hastily erected defenses.  On the other, the vanguard of an endless Tyranid army.  

In between, among the ruins of the mining settlement, are scattered the equipment, material, and troops that must be evacuated.  But with no cargo craft, and few transports, the Imperial commander is going to have to improvise…

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