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Jersey Devil Painting Competition

Jersey Devil Painting Competition

DECEMBER, 8th 2018

Join us at Mythicos Studios for the premier painting competition on the East Coast. Celebrating the art of wargaming and the painting community!

Click below for a downloadable rules pac and for more info.

$35.00   entry fee

11am setup-12pm / EVENT  Kickoff  till 5pm

Categories -

Sign Up for as many categories as you’d like with entry.

Army Displays:

Army Display Warhammer 40K and  Horus Heresy (30K)

Placings:  Gold, Silver, bronze and Young Devil

Army Display Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Placings:  Gold, Silver, bronze and Young Devil

Army display Any 28mm miniatures game

Placings:  Gold, Silver, bronze and Young Devil

Single Miniatures (Any game 28mm)

Placings: Gold, Silver, bronze and Young Devil

*young  devil***one award  per  division  for an  artist who  is  new to competing***

Squad (28mm)

Vehicle (28mm)

Walker (28mm)

Open (any scale)

Jersey Devil Trophy and Prizes.

Gold Jersey Devil Trophy- $75  Mythicos Studios credit

Silver Jersey Devil Trophy- $50  Mythicos Studios credit

Bronze Jersey Devil Trophy- $25  Mythicos Studios credit

Young Devil (one in each category)- $ 25  Mythicos Studios credit

Best in show award (Gold)  $100  Store  Credit  (chose from all categories)

General Rules.

Army Display.

Each  entrant is given  a 2 ft x 2ft space to  display their army.

The army does not have to be “legally playable”,  any composition   is  acceptable.

You  are  welcome  to  display  on  a  custom   display  board,   no   height limitations.

ALL  entries  MUST  be  Fully Painted.   Including  basing.

Single miniature.

Any single model, any scale, any theme.

Can have an elaborate base or mount

Squad category.

Any number of models, any scale any theme displayed as a unit

Entries can be submitted on a single display base but not required


Any vehicle, any scale and any theme.

Includes any tanks, planes, cars, ships, etc.


Any walker, any scale, any theme.

Includes Dreadnoughts, Knights, Titans, etc.


a model that doesn't fit into the other categories  i.e. Bust, Diorama, etc 

General information.

Website Page will permanently Immortalize winners

Live Streaming on Twitch and Facebook

Interviews of award winning artists

Spotlight of Artists (expert to  newbies)

Follow up Podcasts featuring winners