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Warhammer 40k

Mythicos Events

Warhammer 40K Events

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  • Event No Longer Available

    Emperor's Challenge

    Click here for more info.

    What is the Emperor’s challenge ? So asks the heretic ... All 100 point matched play armies (and lists) are provided BY MYTHICOS STUDIOS !! Armies will be assigned randomly each round , you will NOT be using the same army twice Mythicos Studios only provides the armies and lists , the Emperor of mankind himself provides the challenge !! All you have to bring is dice and a measuring tape!!

  • Event No Longer Available

    Necron Fortress Mega Battle

    Click here for more info.

    Everyone gets 2000 pts lists to either attack or defend the Necron mega fortress. Named characters and Super Heavies are worth extra points!!! You can only use 1 source for CP farm, and you can only gain from your own CP. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to us or Chris Masucci, who has been kind enough to continue running these events.

  • Veteran's Day 40K warm-up tournament

    Click here for more info.

  • Mythicos Studios Veteran's Day Warhammer 40K Bash

    Click here for more info.

  • Pre-Holiday 40K Tournament

    Click here for more info.

    Monthly 40K Tournament using ITC Championship rules, but with additional prizes to celebrate the Holidays

  • 40K Doubles Team Tournament

    Click here for more info.

    Details to come soon

  • Lepri-Con

    Click here for more info.

    W40K only GT; Details to come soon