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What is it.

What is The Vanguard Program you ask?

To grow our community, we need to expand the number of core gaming systems currently played at the studio. We are looking for passionate, driven, and organized individuals to help us! We have identified various gaming systems we would like to concentrate on and are looking for participants.

What does a Vanguard Representative do?

With the support of the studio, a Vanguard Representative will be responsible for creating a player base, running demonstrations, events, and using social media platforms to promote their game. Once the representative and the studio agree on a gaming system, they will communicate any inquiries, regarding resources and what products we should carry, with Zach. If needed, Mythicos will create a Facebook group for their gaming system, along with adding the representative’s activity to the Mythicos Master Calendar.

What do I get from being a Vanguard Representative?

Besides creating your own community, gaining admiration from your peers, and a heightened degree of self-worth? We at the Studio realize this takes time and dedication and we want to reward you for that. Vanguard Representatives will receive exclusive swag, free membership, and enjoy a deeper discount than standard club members!  

How do I get started?

Simple…contact Zach at (973) 876-3206 or, and let him know what gaming system(s) you are interested in.

Feel free to stop in at Mythicos Studios or message us on Facebook to ask any additional questions you may have.


19 Route 10 East unit 15 Succasunna, NJ 07876

Facebook: Mythicos Studios


What we ask from you.

What we ask from you:

  • Host a demo once a month. You may also:

    • Host additional demos on your own time

    • Host an event every other month

  • IMPORTANT: Please coordinate with Zach for scheduling: he will provide you with the best available time-slot to avoid overbooking

  • Don’t be afraid to get creative with your events, by hosting:

    • Tournaments, mini leagues, or mini campaigns

  • As always, listen to your community, provide them with what they like

  • Take plenty of pictures and post to the main Mythicos Facebook page and any other related pages you have access to

  • Stay active on all the Facebook groups relating to your game, and the Mythicos Facebook

    • Remember to be careful with what you say; you represent Mythicos Studios

    • Converse with the page, learn new updates and popular trends

  • After each event or demo, compile a list of the amount and names of people who attended your event, and inform Zach

  • You may be asked to: help build terrain, TO events, and help staff with Mythicos sponsored events

For questions/comments/concerns, contact:

Zach 973-876-3206,


Evil Joe 201-966-7406,

Zach and Evil Joe will be your contact sources for any needed product, terrain, and advice on how to grow your game community.

Good luck on your mission! Make the Emperor proud!

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