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Escalation League

Warhammer 40k Apocalypse escalation league

This fall we will be hosting a 40k Apocalypse escalation league!  Whether you’re dusting off your pile of shame or expanding your army, this is a great opportunity to join in on the fun that is 40k Apocalypse.

We will start September 2nd and go until November 24th.

Over the course of twelve weeks we’ll be running eight scenarios and slowly upping the power levels involved as you seek to destroy your opponents under a hail of plasma and ever increasing wanton destruction!  

And while the destruction of one’s enemies is all well and good, we will be focusing on the other aspects of our hobby as well.  The scoring mechanics will reward victory, but will also place a heavy weight on participation, fielding completed armies, and finding new friends to game with.

This event is not discountable
Check out the Comp-Pac for all the details!


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Every Saturday

Warhammer 40k Saturdays

Mythicos Warhammer 40k Saturdays start off with a huge BANG on 9/7/19! That’s right… MEGA BATTLE!!!

Saturday is 40k day! ALL DAY, EVERY WEEK!

Join us at Mythicos Studios for some fun, competitive, and action packed 40k on some of the most beautiful tables you’ll ever find!




10/27/19 Battle for Aleusis 5th engagement

REPORT TRANSMITTED: Aleusis Forward Command


The guard regiments under my command are currently obtaining any and all able transport

vehicles to take the citizens out of the firefight and to the spaceport for movement off world. The

Imperial Navy has cleared out some of the ships in the area, giving us a window for EVAC.

Expect to see extraction for the noncombatants soon, then push forward as we have done


Hold the line,

Governor Halloway

Join the ranks this Sunday at 12pm for briefing. The battle will commence at 1pm sharp.


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Beginner Tournament

11/17/19 warhammer 40k Beginner tournament

Mythicos Studios is coming at you with another 40k Beginner Tournament! This is your chance to get your feet wet and ease yourself into the competitive atmosphere.

Registration opens at 10am, and the first battle rounds starts at 11am sharp!

Bring 1,000 points in a legal list. Battle-scribe is a good tool to use for help.

There is no painting requirement.

Mythicos will provide donuts and Pizza for lunch!

This event is 100% FREE for everyone!

Check out the Comp-Pac for all the details.


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11/23/19 warhammer 40k Turkey Bowl

This will be a time to come together and be thankful for such a wonderful community! Here at Mythicos Studios we are grateful for all of our members. To show our gratitude, this event will be FREE for EVERYONE! We will also be giving out an additional 5% off to anyone who participate in this event.

To top it all off, the winner will receive a (352) P.A.C.K. 352 Molle with Magna Rack Load Out (Combat Snow Camo)

Registration will start at 9am, and the first round will commence at 10am sharp!

2,000 points, three round tournament using the ITC missions. We will also be using the Best Coast Pairing App.

Of course you can expect coffee, donuts and pizza on US!

Check out the Comp-Pac for all the details!


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Big Event!

3/13-14/20 Lepricon

Details to come!


LeprechaunFINAL-FLATfor FB.png