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The forces of Chaos will not rest until Vigilus, a lynchpin to the Rift, is theirs once and for all. The importance of Vigilus as a lynchpin and its vast deposits of Black Stone have not gone unnoticed by Xenos…the unbridled fury of the psychic screams of the Genestealer Cults have now drawn the Hive Fleets as well...the Imperium prepares and waits...the return of Chaos

Mythicos Studios will be running a 3-month in-store campaign based on Vigilus. Terrain Boards will consist primarily of deserts and hive cities resembling Vigilus. All missions will be played from Chapter Approved 2018 (both EW & Maelstrom). Armies must be 2,000 points, maximum of 3 detachments and battle forged (no painting requirement but please try to be What You See Is What You Get). This league will start June 1st and end August 31st. You are not locked to one list during the league, as long as you stay to your faction. Weekly missions will be posted every Monday on the Mythicos Studios Facebook page.

This is a free event for all Mythicos Studios members. It is $10 for non-members, which can go towards your new membership!


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VEC Factions


Grand Tournament, Blood Under The Sun

8/17-18/19 Warhammer 40k Blood under the sun Team Tournament

Get ready for the hottest and most exciting Mythicos 40k Tournament! You don’t wanna miss the biggest party of the summer!

As an added bonus, with your ticket, you are automatically invited to the Mythicos BBQ August 16th!

As requested by the community, this is a two day, three person team 40k tournament!

Registration for both days starts at 9am, and the first rounds begins at 10am sharp!

Check out the comp-pac for all the details!


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8/24/19 Zone Mortalis

The wreckage of an Imperial transport, The Hammer of Wrath, has appeared in the local system. Sensor analysis has revealed an extensive xenos infestation, and a team has been assembled to be dispatched towards the derelict vessel. As the team prepares to load into the breaching torpedos, a mission briefing is transmitted to all squads.  

This is a Zone Mortalis style game set aboard the Hammer of Wrath, with one team directing a tyranid infestation and another commanding the Imperium forces on their clandestine mission. You can find a link to the alternate Zone Mortalis rules here:

Some notes on this event:

  • All miniatures will be provided! But feel free to bring tape measures, dice, rule books, etc.

  • Space is limited - so please be sure to sign up.  There will be a hard cap of four players per team to keep things running smoothly.

  • We will be using regular 40k 8th edition rules with the adjustments noted in the Zone Mortalis document above.

The mission and victory criteria for the Imperium team will be provided at the start of the game.  These victory conditions will remain a secret until the end. So while the Tyranid team will be expected to stop the Imperium and subsume them into the hive’s biomass, they will not be aware of the exact criteria for victory.  The scenario will use standard variable game length rules.  


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8/25/19 Battle for Aleusis Part 3

As the war on Aleusis continues to rage on the imperium still needs you to aid in it’s quest for victory.

Bring a 75 point Power Level list of either chaos, imperium, or Xenos. The victor will determine the outcome of the next mission.

This event will start at 12:00pm, doors open at 10am.


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9/7/19 Warhammer 40k mega-battle

Prepare for total chaos in another Mythicos Studios 40k Mega-Battle! This time we are cranking up the heat. Bring 2,500 points of any legal army you want! The rule of three still applies,

What makes this event even better? IT’S 100% FREE FOR EVERYONE!

Doors open at 10am, the fun begins at 12pm sharp!

Prize Support

  • Winning team: $10

  • MVP each team: $20


  • There will be three objectives randomly placed on the table.

  • One point will be given fro each objective held per turn.

    • Automatic Anti-Air gun battery

      • Only Infantry models can capture.

      • The AAA gun battery is a BS 3, Heavy 4, S8, AP -3 weapon, it also has plus one to hit flyers and can not fire at non-flyer units.

    • Saint Celestine’s temple

      • Only infantry models can capture

      • Any infantry model inside the temple (regardless of who controls the temple) will receive a 6 plus feel no pain.

    • Servitor Work Station

      • Any model can capture

      • Vehicles and walkers inside this zone automatically gain 3d wounds back each turn they are inside the zone and have control of the Work Station.


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10/5/19 warhammer 40k tournament

Test your might with 2,000 points of your best soldiers! Join us for a competitive day of Warhammer 40k.

Special Guest: Sean Nayden, will be judging this event!

Enjoy complementary donuts, coffee, and lunch.

As always this event is FREE for all members, and only $10 for non-members.

Check out more details in the Comp-Pac!


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11/23/19 warhammer 40k Turkey Bowl

This will be a time to come together and be thankful for such a wonderful community! Here at Mythicos Studios we are grateful for all of our members. To show our gratitude, this event will be FREE for EVERYONE! We will also be giving out an additional 5% off to anyone who participate in this event.

To top it all off, the winner will receive a (352) P.A.C.K. 352 Molle with Magna Rack Load Out (Combat Snow Camo)

Registration will start at 9am, and the first round will commence at 10am sharp!

2,000 points, three round tournament using the ITC missions. We will also be using the Best Coast Pairing App.

Of course you can expect coffee, donuts and pizza on US!

Check out the Comp-Pac for all the details!


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Escalation League

Warhammer 40k Apocalypse escalation league

This fall we will be hosting a 40k Apocalypse escalation league!  Whether you’re dusting off your pile of shame or expanding your army, this is a great opportunity to join in on the fun that is 40k Apocalypse.

We will start September 2nd and go until November 24th.

Over the course of twelve weeks we’ll be running eight scenarios and slowly upping the power levels involved as you seek to destroy your opponents under a hail of plasma and ever increasing wanton destruction!  

And while the destruction of one’s enemies is all well and good, we will be focusing on the other aspects of our hobby as well.  The scoring mechanics will reward victory, but will also place a heavy weight on participation, fielding completed armies, and finding new friends to game with.

This event is not discountable
Check out the Comp-Pac for all the details!


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Leader Board


Big Event!

3/13-14/20 Lepricon

Details to come!


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