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George Wadsworth

Game System he runs: MalifauX

Walking into a store to purchase Dungeons & Dragons material his senior year of high school is what got him involved in tabletop games. He quickly became interested in Magic: The Gathering, then Age of Sigmar. He has since moved to specialist games including MalifauX, Bolt Action, and Titanicus. George is an open book and is more than happy to answer any questions regarding his favorite gaming systems. He believes the Vanguard program will be a great success in introducing new games and smaller games. The program has already seen an upswing in the number of specialist games and he expects continual growth and success.

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Chris Masucci

Game System(s) he runs: Battletech, Gaslands

Chris noticed that, after a few years of running games with larger-sized armies, there was a lack of support for niche skirmish games. He is part of the Vanguard program because it inspires community growth and expansion into other games that most people wouldn't otherwise know about. He also finds value in the program for its ability to provide an organized platform for creative missions and campaign play.

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John Lazenby

Game System(s) he runs: Heroclix

John has been playing Heroclix since he was eight, and it’s the first thing that got him interested in the various games he participates in now. He has the most fun when he’s playing Heroclix and has yet to meet a person dissatisfied with it after learning it properly. John continues to enjoy his time being part of the Vanguard program. He appreciates the consistent following his favorite game generates, and always looks forward to leading a session every Sunday. John believes that the teaching moments play a big part in growing a community, and he would like to thank Mythicos for giving him the opportunity to do so.

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Tom Porcelli

Game System(s) he runs: Dungeons & Dragons

Tom has been playing Dungeons & Dragons for years and tries to get a group together as frequently as possible. He often finds himself reading or watching D&D content. He enjoys running the game as a Dungeon Master or just participating as a player. He sees the Vanguard program as a fruitful project, as multiple gaming systems consistently draw a large following.


Brandon McGowan:

Game System(s) he runs: Kill Team

Brandon is involved in Warhammer 40k Kill Team; a skirmish game that is set in the world of Warhammer 40k. The game focuses on covert operations, which allows participants to pick a faction to play special forces for completing a specific job. This fast-paced game can be played with 2-4 people. Kill Team can be played competitively or through a creative narrative mission in a campaign. The Vanguard program is a resource for Brandon and his players to demonstrate the variety of games that they host.


Joe Auriemma

Game System(s) he runs: Board Games

Joe has been playing board games since he was really young. His involvement has spanned the last 20 years. It was during high school when he noticed his strong interest in board games. For Joe, the Vanguard program is a way for him to give back to the local community and aide the studio in providing a safe gaming space for everyone.