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Blood Under The Sun

8/24/19 Bolt Action blood under the sun

Get ready for anther exciting Mythicos Bolt Action Tournament! You don’t wanna miss the biggest party of the summer!

As an added bonus, with your ticket, you are automatically invited to the Mythicos BBQ August 16th!

Bring 1,00 points of your best soldiers and tank crews.

Registration starts at 09:00 AM with Hostilities commencing at 10:00 AM

3 rounds each lasting 2.45 hours

This is a FREE event for Mythicos club members $ 20.00 for non members.

As is the Mythicos custom, complimentary coffee and donuts will be provided for everyone for breakfast as well as pizza for lunch !

Check out the comp-pac for for more info!


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9/1/19 First look at: Korea

This is a Bolt Action Second Edition event with forces from the Bolt Action: Korea book. The nations involved are North Korea, South Korea, China, United Nations & United States and the British Common wealth. All games will use the rules from the Bolt Action: Korea book and all army lists will use the forced detailed in this book. The special scenario has been created for this organized event and additional scenario to the seventeenth in the Bolt Action: Korea book.

Head on over at 12pm for this event!

This event is FREE for everyone!

Plenty of FREE parking

Check out the Comp-pac for all the details!


Click ticket to sign up!


Narrative Mega-Battle

9/21/19 Operation Market Garden

Good day chaps, the time has come to further our advance on the German war-machine.

Join us September 21th for three different rounds of intense Bolt Action combat! “The Drop, Axis Counter Attack, and Convoy”.

This event will start at 11am and end roughly at 7pm. Each round will be 2.5 hours long.

This event is only $10 for non-members and FREE for all Mythicos Members.

Anyone who pre-registers will be given an additional 5% off for the day!

You can expect only the best terrain for this event!

What do you get with your ticket?

  • Admission to the event

  • A raffle ticket

    • We will be raffling off a box of Band of Brothers!

  • Complimentary coffee, donuts, and lunch

  • Free parking

Make sure to check out the comp-pac for all the details.


Click ticket to sign up!



11/8/19 Warlord weekend- Mega battle sicily

What better way to start off a Warlord Weekend than a Mega-Battle! Join the Mythicos community on the shores of Sicily. 

This event will be FREE for everyone.

Doors open at 12pm, the landing craft depart at approximately 2pm.

  • Bring 1,500 points of any legal Bolt Action army. All factions and eras are aloud. 

  • Players are limited to 20 order dice.

  • There will be no painting requirement, only “What you see is what you get”.

The winning teams will be given $10 each in in-store credit.

Best general overall from each table will be given $15 in in-store credit.

There will be multiple games going on. Each set of tables will have 4 players per side (8 people per 2 tables). There will be one order dice bag per table.

Make sure to check out the comp-pac for New exciting rules and objectives!


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11/10/19 Warlord Weekend- To hell and back, tournament

Command your foot soldiers through the wreck of the burning tank corps from the night before.

Join us for a 750 point infantry Bolt Action tournament!

Registration will be at 9am, and the battle will begin at 10am sharp.

We will be using the Best Coast Pairing App.

Check out the Comp-Pac for more details!

Veterans get in for FREE. And of course, this event is FREE for all Mythicos members!


Click ticket to sign up!



11/9/19 Warlord Weekend, Tank war tournament

We are coming at you again with another fantastic Warlord Weekend! On Saturday November 9th we will be hosting a Tank War Tournament!

Registration $25.00 for non-members - Veterans and Members Play Free!

Registration 9:00am, First Game at 10:00am

1 Armored Platoon, 12 Order Dice, 1500 points

Coffee, Donuts, and Lunch will be provided by Mythicos. Plenty of FREE parking.

Check out the Comp-Pac for more details!

As an added bonus, Mythicos would like to donate 50% of all ticket proceeds to the charity of the winner’s choosing.


Click ticket to sign up!