8/24/19 40k Zone Mortalis

8/24/19 40k Zone Mortalis


The wreckage of an Imperial transport, The Hammer of Wrath, has appeared in the local system. Sensor analysis has revealed an extensive xenos infestation, and a team has been assembled to be dispatched towards the derelict vessel. As the team prepares to load into the breaching torpedos, a mission briefing is transmitted to all squads.  

This is a Zone Mortalis style game set aboard the Hammer of Wrath, with one team directing a tyranid infestation and another commanding the Imperium forces on their clandestine mission. You can find a link to the alternate Zone Mortalis rules here:


Some notes on this event:

  • All miniatures will be provided! But feel free to bring tape measures, dice, rule books, etc.

  • Space is limited - so please be sure to sign up.  There will be a hard cap of four players per team to keep things running smoothly.

  • We will be using regular 40k 8th edition rules with the adjustments noted in the Zone Mortalis document above.

The mission and victory criteria for the Imperium team will be provided at the start of the game.  These victory conditions will remain a secret until the end. So while the Tyranid team will be expected to stop the Imperium and subsume them into the hive’s biomass, they will not be aware of the exact criteria for victory.  The scenario will use standard variable game length rules.  

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