8/18/19 Spectre Operations DEMO

8/18/19 Spectre Operations DEMO


The mission continues at Mythicos Studios.

The Spectre Operations campaign last left off with our NATO Reaction Force's Special Operations Division successfully completing Operation Blue Maple, but sadly at the cost of Desátník Jaroslav Novák of the Czech 601st SFG.

The team recovered vital intelligence in the heart of southern Congo showing Russian and Chinese influences in the rebel army attacking western rare earth mineral mines. Intelligence is now prepared to brief them on where the evidence leads and their next mission.

Jim Chaffee will be fulfilling the GM (Game Master) role and providing each player with team member dossiers and mission briefs. Missions will get progressively harder. In the world of Spectre, death is permanent.

All models will be provided! Plenty of FREE parking! And as always, Mythicos DEMOs are FREE for everyone!

Only a few spots open, make sure you sign up fast! Mission briefing will start at 1pm.

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