Mythicos Underworld League

Mythicos Underworld League


Starts: June 11th and ends August 11th


  • Players will play 3 rounds (3 games equals 1 match) with the same opponent.

    • The glory is added up and the difference is what the player scores. E.G. player 1 over 3 games scores 15 and player 2 scores 10 over 3 games. Player 1 records 5 points for the league.

  • Playing at Mythicos will give each player 3 glory points. ( Store employee included in email

    • Playing anywhere else no extra victory points given.

  • Score must be emailed to with all parties attached. Failure will result in score not counting.

  • Any Mythicos Shadespire event counts as double Glory for any at the event.

  • Any full painted war band you play with, gives you one additional glory added to league total.


  • Band and restricted list is in effect from GW

  • No show without 24 hour notice, results in 2 glory point reduction for league total.

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