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Beginner Tournament

9/29/19 Age of Sigmar beginner tournament

Mythicos Studios presents another exciting Age of Sigmar Beginner Tournament as requested by the community!

Registration is at 10am, and the first dice roll will be at 11am sharp!

We are turning up the heat! Lists will now be 1,000 points!

You can expect Donuts, and Pizza provided by Mythicos!

As always Mythicos Events are FREE for all Members!

Check out the Comp-Pac for all the details

Check out the Comp-Pac for all the details


Click ticket to sign up!


Big Event! OCTOCON

10/19-20/19 Octocon 2019

Octocon 2019 is finally here! Get ready for an exciting 2 day event with 5 rounds of epic Age of Sigmar ACTION!

This is one event you can’t miss! We have Battle-foam prize support, free breakfast and lunch BOTH days, custom trophies, and of course, Lord Mortis himself!

Registration is at 8am, and start time is 9:30am. Don’t worry, there will be coffee!

Check out the comp-pac for all the details and the schedule!


Click ticket to sign up!

OctoconFINAL-FLAT (1).png