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7/27/19 Everchosen The Global Warhammer Painting Competition

Look no farther, Mythicos Studios will be hosting the Games Workshop Everchosen Painting Competition!

Painting Categories:

Open – Entries can be any miniature currently available from, unit or collection than will fit into a 30cmx30cm (12”x12”) display area. This category is also open to Games Workshop staff!

Young Bloods – Entries can be any single Citadel miniature (of any size) that is available from This category is only open to painters aged 15 and below.

Everchosen – Entries can be any single Citadel miniature (that fits on a Citadel 60mm base or smaller) that is currently available from The winner of the Everchosen category will go on to represent their store in the global online vote!

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